Learning in Public: Web Development

I started learning to code in December 2020. This portfolio documents my learning progress.

Computer screen with dark background show colourful lines of CSS code.
Where To Next?

I've really enjoyed the coding workshops I've done with SheCodes. To continue my development, my next focus will be learning more about UX and UI design principles, and how to maximise design for accessbility so all my future designs are WCAG 2.2 AA compliant. I'm also planning to learn Swift as my next programming language.

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Personal portfolio website homepage with light blue and dark teal color accents.
Portfolio Website

For my third coding workshop in March 2021 I learned about responsive design techniques and tools. I designed my UI in Figma and implmented working with a live server. I used a variety of new techniques over the course of this project including: flexbox, CSS media queries and variables, anchor links, and SEO optimisation.

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Mauve weather forcast website with weather icons and white text.
Weather Website

In my second coding workshop in December 2020 I learned additional HTML and CSS techniques, how to work with APIs to pull in live data, and responsive design with Bootstrap. I also learned to use a more professional workflow with Git and GitHub and hosting with continuous deplyoment using Netlify.

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Sky blue website with black text linking to tea shops in London.
Tea Shops Website

I built this single page website during my first coding workshop in November 2020. I had very limited knowledge of HTML and no knowledge of CSS when I started. I learned the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JS5 as well as how to use Visual Studio Code.

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